The Farmer's Market is located next to the Rockabilly Park in downtown. GUIDELINES:

  • Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Space is available at no charge.
  • All products sold must be home-grown or produced by the seller. No second sales permitted.
  • All rubbish, discarded produce, and trash must be cleaned from the area prior to departure.
  • No displays, tables, etc. can be left on-site overnight.
  • The Town of Selmer will assume no liability as a result of accident or theft that may occur during the operation of the market.
  • Each producer must be certified as a grower. A "Fruit and/or Vegetable Grower Certification" statement must be completed AND SIGNED by a McNairy County Extension Agent. The certificate should be available for inspection. Contact Ricky Mathenia at 645-3598 for more information, or stop by the UT Extension Office at 703 Industrial Park Road in Selmer.